Rüegg Racing - Tatiana Rodriguez

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15. April 2019: Valencia

19. Place Race 1

18. Place Race 2


Date of birth 29.04.1985
Nationality Spanien
Residence 5430, Wettingen
Height 160 cm
Weight 48 kg

#73 Tatiana Rodriguez

Tatiana's life revolves around motorcycles. Even when she’s at home on the sofa, she’s not watching television, she’s looking at the two pit bikes standing in her living room. She first sat on a motorcycle at age seven. Since then she’s been riding anything on two wheels, from 50cc to 600cc, and been racing for about three years. Tatiana also works part-time as an instructor for circuits in Italy and France and recently opened the 2Wheels Academy, a driving safety school for motorcyclists. Her main job is as a teaching assistant in a school. Her sponsor told her about the R3 Cup and encouraged her to enter. She’s looking forward to the experiences she’ll have at the R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland.
Rüegg Racing
Teamname Rüegg Racing
Location Zürich, Switzerland
Chief Sandro Rüegg

Rüegg Racing

Rüegg Motos GmbH is passionately committed to motorcycles. The company long considered putting together its own team as Rüegg Racing. In 2018 that team saw its inception at the Swiss Championship. In 2019 Rüegg Racing took on Tatiana Rodriguez and is throwing down the gauntlet to the other teams at the R3 Cup. Rüegg Motos customers benefit from 40 years of Yamaha experience. Its modern showroom is filled with new and current Yamaha models that can be admired and taken for a test drive. The sales team is always happy to assist with competent and personalised advice.

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