Badan Motos - Stéphane Frossard



Letztes Rennen

15. April 2019: Valencia

5. Place Race 1

2. Place Race 2


Date of birth 05.05.1995
Nationality Switzerland
Residence Bienne
Height 173 cm
Weight 60 kg
Previous teams 2nd place ADAC Junior Cup 2013
Greatest achievement Moto Team Jura Vitesse

#42 Stéphane Frossard

Stéphane started riding in 2010 on a minibike and since then has been gathering motorcycle racing experience. His goal is to keep himself ahead at the R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland and stay up with the competition. He has pro racing ambitions, and he’s ready to take on the work needed to get there. He won his first race sporting the racing number 42, and now always competes wearing his ‘lucky number’ including at the R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland.
Badan Motos
Teamname Badan Motos
Location Genf, Switzerland
Chief Urs Frischknecht

Badan Motos

Badan Motos has been a loyal retailer of Yamaha bikes for more than 30 years, establishing itself as one of Switzerland’s leading Yamaha dealers. The Badan Motos store in Geneva has a large selection of new and used motorcycles, accessories and apparel. Badan Motos is supporting Stéphane Frossard in his racing career and its team will be vying for the front lines at the R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland.

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