hostettler retail Yamaha Center Neuhaus - Michael Thalmann



Letztes Rennen

15. April 2019: Valencia

15. Place Race 1

12. Place Race 2


Date of birth 18.06.1979
Nationality Switzerland
Residence Zรผrich
Height 171 cm
Weight 64 kg

#186 Michael Thalmann

Michi has been riding on racing circuits for three years. In the past it was only for fun โ€“ with no timekeeping or pressure to win. After some initial hesitancy as to whether he should compete, his sponsor convinced him not to miss this special opportunity and register. Heโ€™ll be riding in the R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland with the racing number #186 โ€“ which also happens to be his birthday โ€“ and is hoping for personal development in terms of safety and lap times.
hostettler retail Yamaha Center Neuhaus
Teamname hostettler retail Yamaha Center Neuhaus
Location Neuhaus, Switzerland
Chief Remo Steiner

hostettler retail Yamaha Center Neuhaus

The Yamaha Center in Neuhaus has also entered its own team to compete in the R3 Cup. In Neuhaus keen motorcyclists will find Yamaha bikes and scooters as well as iXS brand clothing, accessories, tuning equipment and replacement parts. As part of Yamaha Motor Switzerland and with its enthusiasm for motorcycles and racing, the Center Neuhaus will definitely be attending the R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland. Michael Thalmann will be riding as part of Team Yamaha Center Neuhaus.

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