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Letztes Rennen

15. April 2019: Valencia

7. Place Race 1

8. Place Race 2


Date of birth 27.03.1998
Nationality Austria
Residence Kirchberg a/d Pielach
Height 175 cm
Weight 58 kg
Greatest achievement Sieg TNT Cup / Spielberg (AT) mit 2 gebrochenen Mittelfußknochen nach einem Sturz.

#98 Max Melzer

As a youth, Max rode along with the ‘grown-ups’ in various hobby classes on a Honda CBR 600, later with a Yamaha R6 (at the TNT Cup, for example). Along the way his love of motorcycling developed into an absolute passion, although he didn’t really see himself having a chance at a licence. But Günter Gahleitner, organiser of the TNT Cup and owner of GAP Quality Motorsport, encouraged this young talent to test his skills in the junior series. At age 19 Max entered the junior series of the ADAC Cup, where he was placed 12th overall in his first season. His love for racing is greater than ever, and his ambition to make it to the Supersport 300 World Championship took shape in 2018. We’re looking forward to watching how Max does at the R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland.
Teamname melzer-motorace-at
Location Kirchberg, Austria


Max Melzer will be competing with his own team,  Team melzer-motorace-at. Sponsors and training at the Roland Resch Racing School in Lower Austria allow Max Melzer to repay the confidence placed in him and show his capabilities at the R3 bLU cRU Cup. All the team’s sponsors combine enthusiasm for motorsport with passion, courage, precision, determination, and love of action.

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