Team Dragon Motos - Jonas Wohlwend

Letztes Rennen

15. April 2019: Valencia

20. Place Race 1

17. Place Race 2


Date of birth 04.01.2003
Nationality Liechtenstein
Residence Schellenberg
Height 185 cm
Weight 67 kg
Previous teams -
Greatest achievement -

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#4 Jonas Wohlwend

Jonas is 16 and has just started his studies in computer science. He is fulfilling one of his biggest dreams by taking part in the R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland. Heโ€™s known motorcycle racing since he was very young, having witnessed his fatherโ€™s races. For the past three years heโ€™s been active on โ€“ and around โ€“ motorcycles. Jonas hasnโ€™t yet been able to gather any racing experience, but heโ€™s motivated and wants to learn. Heโ€™s grateful and happy to be competing.
Team Dragon Motos
Teamname Team Dragon Motos
Location Genf, Switzerland
Chief Mat Germond

Team Dragon Motos

The Dragon Moto Team is based in Geneva, Switzerland and is fully dedicated to motorsport. It was founded in 2006 with the aim of supporting young riders who want to participate actively in races and giving them the right tools to move forward. After a full focus on motocross so far, Team Dragon Motos is writing a new chapter in their team history by participating in Yamaha's R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland. For them, the young Liechtenstein driver Jonas Wohlwend starts with the number #4.

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