OS-Bauberatung - Dominique Oser

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15. April 2019: Valencia

18. Place Race 1

22. Place Race 2


Date of birth 10.07.1973
Nationality Switzerland
Residence Flรผh
Height 173 cm
Weight 80 kg
Previous teams FC Basel, SC Soleita
Greatest achievement Nachwuchsfussball Inter Junioren FC Basel

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#737 Dominique Oser

Dominique Oser first trained in football and later switched to motorcycle racing. He will be riding at the R3 Cup with his team, โ€œos bauberatung dQu Racingโ€. Born into a construction family and working in the industry since 1989, Oser became a qualified master builder in 2012 and now manages his own construction management company. Oser is not just an expert in construction, he also wants to put his motorcycle racing skills to the test.
Teamname OS-Bauberatung
Location Flรผh, Switzerland
Chief Dominique Oser


OS-Bauberatung’s philosophy is based on an understanding of traditional craftsmanship and creativity rooted in familiarity with the world of construction. As a champion of the art of building, we’re a contact partner for contractors, planners and businesses in all types of construction. We advise and offer support through the entire construction process, from the initial idea through approval to property value retention. As in construction, success in motorsport also requires an experienced and effective team working together to reach its goal. This involves thorough preparation and identification of unknown factors, developing racing tactics and adapting them if needed so as to achieve the best results. That’s the experience!

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Other sponsors: rog baudienste, Matter Motos, Mobiliar – Jörg Köninger, Syspeople GmbH, Get faster

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