Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland 2019

1. Parties involved in the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland 2019
a) hostettler ag (hereinafter “HAG”)
b) Fédération Moto Suisse (hereinafter “FMS”)
c) Valentinos Motorsports AG (organiser and party responsible for Swiss Moto Racing)
d) YART | Yamaha Austria Racing Team (technical support)

2. Participation of the involved parties
a) HAG defines the structure and rules for the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland. It is responsible for the management of the marketing and advertising rights for the Cup and for communication between the individual interest groups participating in the Cup.
b) HAG is responsible for on-site communication and for direct contact with the riders. It is responsible for delivery of the bLU cRU welcome pack and sticker set.
c) FMS represents the national motorsport associations and sets the valid entry requirements for the riders of the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland (FMS or international licences). It is each rider’s responsibility to obtain all necessary permits from their respective national association.

3. Cup structure
a) Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland
The Cup is an integral part of the national and international Schweizer Motorrad Strassen Meisterschaft (SMS), in which registered Yamaha riders receive their own ranking order. Six events are held, each with two tallied races, on each of the circuits included in the calendar.

b) The Cup
riders participating in the Cup receive direct support from HAG and participate in Yamaha’s special “bLU cRU” programme for promoting young riders. Riders participating in the Cup enjoy special benefits in kind in accordance with Item 6 below.


  4. Participation requirements

a) Minimum age: 14 (born in 2005 or earlier); maximum age: no limit
b) Riders must possess a valid FMS licence and ride the provided Yamaha YZF-R3 at the Swiss Motorcycle Championship of the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland series.
c) Participating Cup riders must use the motorcycle cladding and the layout for Yamaha

R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland gear as provided by HAG from the start of the Cup onwards and during the entire season.

d) Riders contractually named by HAG must take part in the Cup unless they are prevented from doing so by force majeure (e.g. injury, serious illness with presentation of medical certificate).
e) HAG reserves the right to allow a maximum of four wild card riders from other categories (Superbike, Swiss Championship, European Championship, etc.) to participate in each race in the Yamaha

R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland. These riders are not eligible for points.

5. Registration information

a) The number of Cup participants is limited to 30 riders per year.
b) Riders are entered into the provisional list of participants upon receipt of their completed registration form, to be sent to the email address

c) A confirmed starting place will be issued when the completed and signed registration form is received by hostettler ag. Riders who are minors must obtain the signature of their parent or legal guardian. The specified payment arrangements must be observed for the issue of a confirmed starting place (see Item 11).

d) The rider will receive an email from HAG confirming provisional acceptance and, after submission of signed registration, final acceptance. Registration shall not be deemed as received or confirmed before receipt of this email.

e) Riders must provide information that is complete and accurate; this information will be verified by HAG. HAG reserves the right to exclude a rider from participation at any time if the rider is found to have submitted incomplete or inaccurate information.

6. Benefits in kind for Cup participants

a) Each rider will be provided with a Yamaha YZF-R3. The motorcycles will be distributed before the start of the season. The motorcycles remain the property of hostettler ag. Riders have the opportunity to purchase their motorcycles at the end of the season for a predetermined price.


  b) Each participant will receive a racing kit from HAG. This will consist of:

Ø Yamaha YZF-R3 motorcycle (property of HAG)

Ø Cladding

Ø Sticker set

Ø Racing seat

Ø Windscreen

Ø Öhlins rear chassis kit (Öhlins front cartridge kit)

Ø Akrapovic exhaust system

Ø Brake discs (front, Brembo)

Ø YART foot pegs

Ø Handlebars

Ø Hand grips

Ø Throttle

Ø Air filter

Ø Engine cover

Ø Chain

Ø 1 front rim, 1 rear rim

Ø Yamaha paddock kit (2 T-shirts, 2 pit shirts, 2 hoodies, 1 jacket, 1 cap, 1 fleece cap,

1 rucksack, 1 umbrella, 1 bLU cRU drink bottle

c) Additional benefits in kind

Petrol at all events

d) Information about the race

 Riders will receive information for circuit analysis and motorcycle preparation as well as support from HAG and YART.

e) Support on the racing circuit

Ø Provision and housing of motorcycle before and during racing weekends by YART.

Ø YART service representatives will be available on site for guaranteed replacement part service at every Cup round.

Ø In the event of a crash, the YZF-R3 will be assessed by YART. Defects must be remedied and

damaged parts must be replaced. These will be offered to riders at a reduced price.

Ø Tyres: Pirelli is the exclusive R3 Cup outfitter.

Dry tyres: Pirelli Supercorsa SC, dimensions 110/70 ZR 17 and 140/70 ZR 17 Rain tyres: Pirelli Diabolo Rain, dimensions 110/70 ZR 17 and 140/70 ZR 17

Two front plus three rear tyres are available to each rider per weekend.

f) Visual assistance with brand image

HAG will provide riders with all necessary information regarding their visual identity. Riders must use the leather suits, team clothing and the logo packs provided.

g) Hospitality

Food and drink will be provided for 2 persons (rider and one guest) at each Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland event.

3  h) Prize money

The top three drivers in the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland are entitled to prize money. This bonus will be paid out at the end of the Swiss Championship, provided that the rider confirms that he/she will take part in a championship the following year on a Yamaha motorcycle. The following prizes will be awarded:

1st place: CHF 10,000 2nd place: CHF 7,500 3rd place: CHF 5,000

7. FIM’s conditions of participation for the SSP European Championship 2020
In the event that the Cup winner is unable to participate in the FIM SSP European Championship in the 2020 season, HAG may, at its discretion, select another Cup rider.
8. Rider conduct
a) Wearing / handling gear
Riders undertake to wear the gear provided in the pack and defined by HAG during all competitions, official training sessions and media appearances in connection with the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland.
Riders are not permitted to alter the gear provided, in particular they may not remove or cover the sponsor’s label or exchange it for the label of another equipment manufacturer. The gear provided may not be sold, given, lent or transferred in any way to third parties.
Rider sponsors may not be competing products of any R3 Cup sponsor or any HAG brand.
b) Doping
Violations of relevant doping laws by Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland riders will be documented. In such cases, HAG is entitled to withdraw from the contract with immediate effect and withhold any contractual services which have not yet been provided. Sufficient proof is defined as a positive A and B test or the rider’s refusal to submit to a B test after an A test gives a positive result, or a relevant admission by the rider, in any case the competent body’s determination of a doping violation. A legal decision by a public court or a court of arbitration is not required for contract termination.
c) Conduct
Riders participating in the Cup undertake to conduct themselves properly at all times: on the circuit, on the podium, on the racecourse premises, towards the media and in the public sphere. Mutual respect towards rivals, brands and the public is paramount.
d) Social Media
Persons who use social media to communicate their participation in the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland or actively report on it must always do so in a proper manner. This includes, alongside using the correct name Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland, the use of suitable images and proper conduct.

  9. Image rights/Data privacy
Riders grant HAG, without remuneration and without temporal or territorial restriction, all image rights for all possible communication channels and the exclusive right to the use of the rider’s name, design(s), racing number, initials, likeness (including photographs, films, videos, CD-/DVD-ROMs) and all other film materials and all comments by the rider which are published through electronic means, as well as comments and opinions made in connection with advertising campaigns, promotional activities or activities for the sale of motorcycles or other products that are produced and/or sold by HAG, or ensure that HAG is granted this right.
10. Term
The contract (see 11. a)) and the rules take effect on the day of the signing by both parties and end automatically on 31 December 2019, without requiring special termination from HAG or the rider.
11. Payment terms
a) HAG will conclude a separate contract for each Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland participant.
b) The total cost of CHF 25,000 includes:
Ø Participation in 6 events (2 races per event)
· 1 training day on Friday
· 1 training (or 1 qualification) and 1 race on Saturday
· 1 qualification and 1 race on Sunday
Ø 1 training camp on 2 days in early 2019 with Valentinos Motorsport AG (location TBA)
HAG will supply those interested in additional training opportunities outside of the Swiss Championship SMS with an R3 Cup motorcycle, under separate agreement, for a fee of CHF 1,200 for two days.
c) The total cost of CHF 25,000 must be paid in instalments as follows: CHF 10,000 in February upon handover of the motorcycle and gear; CHF 10,000 after three events, and the remaining balance of CHF 5,000 on the first day of the last event.
d) If the payment terms in c) are not met, this results in the rider’s exclusion from the Cup. Should this happen, FMS will give the rider’s place to the next rider on the waiting list, in accordance with FMS rules.
12. Insurance
Riders are aware of the risks and hazards associated with participation in the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland. HAG is excluded from all liability in the event of an accident resulting in injury, permanent disability or death.

  13. Final provisions
a) This contract is to be signed in triplicate.
b) By registering for this Cup and signing the registration form, riders confirm that they have read and understand the rules and conditions of participation. This also entitles HAG to process and use the data provided for registration and communication in accordance with the laws of the Swiss Confederation.
c) Riders agree that all disputes in connection with participation in the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU Cup | Switzerland, including the use of the information provided by the rider through HAG, shall be decided by the competent court in Switzerland.
14. General provisions and jurisdiction
Amendments and supplements require the written confirmation of both parties.
This contract does not establish a joint venture agreement or a simple partnership (‘einfache Gesellschaft’) between the parties and does not make either party representative or agent of the other.
Differences of opinion which cannot be resolved amicably will be settled in court; jurisdiction is Sursee, Lucerne.